Albania, America of Italians


Immediately after the fall of communism in Albania, the phenomenon of emigration emerged. Albanians in order to ensure a better life, they choose the opportunity to leave Albania.

A large part of Albanians chose the neighboring country, Italy.

The mass exodus of the early 90s is undoubtedly one of the saddest period of the beginning of democracy in Albania, where many of albanians arrived in Italy and others tragically died in the sea.

Today about 480,000 Albanians live in Italy. But about 25 years ago nobody would have imagined that the Italians would turn their eyes to Albania, not only to visit cultural sites, or to enjoy the Albanian beaches and natural beauties, but to live and work.

Today in Albania it’s thought that there are over 25,000 Italians who have left their homes in Italy for a better life in Albania. They are young people who study in Albania and many others are employed or have opened up their businesses.

The Italians in Albania are mainly focused on the renewable, digital, but mainly service businesses are such as restaurants.

Italian media wrote about the phenomenon of emigration of Italians in Albania. According the some Italian journalists now Albania is the America of Italians.

There are many factors that have attracted the Italians to see Albania as the place where they can live and work. Low rental rates for houses, service businesses, fiscal facilities, but another reason is the fact that Albanians are well acquainted with the Italian language.

In a reportage of “Dallatua parte”, Italian TV channel Rete4, Massimo, an Italian kitchen chief, shows why he decided to emigrate to Albania.

“Today it is better to live in Albania than in Italy. Here you feel more appreciated than in Italy and with the money that I win, I pay less taxes’’.

He also said: “We see our future in Albania, here food is good, we have well-being, about money we are well-earned, that’s why for us Albania is America”.

According the Italian journalist, Massimo is a chef like everyone in Italy, paid a little and unsafe for work, but here in Albania he is a well-valued and well paid chief, and that’s why three years ago he decided to be transferred from Italy just 200 km from the Albanian coast.

According to him, the Italians who are living in Tirana are many (around 25 thousand), all looking for good life, life that they couldn’t find in Italy.

While another Italian citizen Carmelo, who supplies the restaurant where Massimo works with fresh pasta, said that for 3 years there is a workshop in Albania.

Carmello said:“I believe there are great opportunities to do business in Albania and I feel very good here”.

Also Massimo said: “Albanians first came to Italy to work and have a future, now we Italians come to Albania”.

It seems paradoxical because recently in one side we see a huge influx of Albanians leaving Albania for a better life abroad, but in another side we see many foreigners considering Albania as a suitable place to live and create business.