The New World ,Trade Order


After the winter season, the whole world was getting ready to meet the spring season. But humanity has awakened to another spring! The covid-19 virus, which we all know as the corona virus and which has been on the world agenda in a short time, has created a shock effect on the earth. The world has declared the virus, which has become an epidemic by spreading to many countries and continents from China in a short time. Infecting the human body through its infection, the virus brought with it mass news from all over the world in a short time. This relentless virus, which brought fear, panic and economic depression to the earth, suddenly destroyed the current world order. Countries were fighting nationally against the virus. The respectable employees of this struggle were undoubtedly heroic health workers.

The fight against the virus, which has influenced the world order like a hurricane, continues stronger. I have no doubt that humanity has survived countless hellings throughout history. But nothing will be as before anymore. It has also affected many sectors in the business world. Often written in strategy books we read; The “new wold order” this time will cause not only politically but also visibly physical changes. Welcome to the 21st century world! We will move away from stereotyped, classical or traditional, standard, routine and simple mental thoughts. We have passed to an order that is competitive, innovative, challenging, asymmetrical and built with different ideas. People, companies and even governments have begun to restructure themselves. As companies, we must read this new world order correctly and make our preparations according to these conditions. When we consider the sectors that stand out and whose priorities are significantly changed; The health, transportation, food, energy, education, textile, electronics and air conditioning sectors stand out as the items most affected by these conditions.

Individuality will be more prominent; we are in a period when the importance of the person’s health, education, fundamental rights and freedoms will increase. People will pay more attention to health. interest in private health insurances and health sector will increase. As a result of the interest in more natural and hygienic productions in food purchase, agriculture and non-GMO products will come to the fore. The beginning of a trend towards villages and nature is undoubtedly seen as inevitable. Can human beings stand still for a long time while these transformations are going on? Never! Transportation sector is among the sectors that will stand out in this case. Interest in private cars will increase more. People will tend to live with nature in order to increase the quality of life and will focus on electric vehicles rather than motorized and noisy vehicles. The home working system will become preferred in many sectors with digitalization. We are in a digital age but even if the problems of this age are a little different that of course they will exist. But I will mention these in another article.

If we are talking about the transportation sector, we should also mention the aviation sector. In our other article, expectations in the aviation industry, the orientation of the supply-demand balance, new period R&D studies, management of financial resources, transformations in company internal structures, travel arrangements, travel hygiene, airport hygiene security, private terminals of airlines, I will talk about the preparations of global companies that aim to enter the 21st century aviation industry with the importance they attach to innovation.

Let’s not forget that every crisis is an opportunity. If we can adjust the sails according to the blowing wind; these winds carry us to our goals. Otherwise it sinks in wavy oceans!

The 21st century wind will blow for our benefit this time…